New art gallery opens on Dowland Street

People started walking through the door of Mary Case’s new Ludington art gallery before Thursday’s 3 p.m. grand opening.

“It’s very nice. I wish I had some talent like this, but I don’t,” Betty Curtis said while looking over some of the works at Art By Mary Case Gallery and Studio, located in a former rib restaurant at 329 E. Dowland St.

“It’s nice all the art she’s bringing to Ludington and it’s also nice she’s restoring this old building,” said Florence Carlson, who also attended the grand opening.

Jim and Dottie Willis of Dublin, Ohio, also stopped in the shop on opening day.

“We’re interested in art, so we’re looking around,” Jim Willis said.

Gallery opens

Case, who has been legally blind since birth, said that fact gives her works a signature of her own.

“Vivid colors, bright lights and contrast are the things that appeal to me because of my vision,” she said. “I rely on my imagination.

“I’ll look at a flower and see how the petals catch the light and shadows and remember that,” Case said. “So, instead of painting a flower in front of me, I’ll paint the image I have in my mind.”

She said that can make her paintings sometimes more surreal because they are more lively and brighter.

“My mother (Anne Bassett) was a high school art teacher and she was my biggest inspiration,” Case said. “We always had art materials in the house — clay and paint.”

A grandfather and an uncle were also artists.

“So I knew I always wanted to do art,” she said.

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