A woman who allegedly spat on a Mason County Sheriff’s Office deputy while she was infected with COVID-19 was sentenced to jail time and probation Monday before 51st Circuit Court Judge Susan K. Sniegowski. Beth Lynn Buell, 33, Norton Shores, reportedly spat on the deputy on Dec. 14, 2020. Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole previously stated that the deputy did not become infected with the virus.

Sniegowski sentenced Buell to 111 days in jail and she was given credit for the time she had already served.

Additionally she was placed on probation for 18 months. She was ordered to pay $658 in fines, costs and other court fees, as well as a $30 monthly monitoring fee while she is on probation.

“She spat on an officer when she knew that she was COVID positive,” said Beth Hand, assistant prosecuting attorney.

Buell’s attorney, Ashley Siegel, argued that her client had a psychotic episode and was “off her medications that day.”

“If I’ve learned anything from all this, it’s that I won’t run out of my medications and think I can go without for them a day,” Buell told the court. “Because I can’t.”

Sniegowski told Buell that keeping up with her medications would be “key to (her) success.”

“You need to be diligent in taking those meds,” Sniegowski said.

Siegel also said that Buell had not had any drugs in 15 months and has been working with Community Mental Health.

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