PENTWATER — The Ryan Williams Perch Derby rounded out two weeks of winter fun as the last event of the Pentwater Winterfest this year.

The ice fishing tournament began at 7 a.m. and ended at 4 p.m on Saturday.

The participants met behind the Port View Wine & Beer Market to measure their fish.

Ryan Williams thanked them for making it another great day.

“I know people came across the state for this,” he said. “I couldn’t be happier.”

In the kid’s category, the winners were: Brooke Willis, first place; Draven Scobel, second place; and Caden Vangeldren, third place.

Brooke spent the day fishing with her family — siblings Reese, Jack, Wyatt. Mark and Jeanne Willis of Ludington brought them out to the ice.

“We came to break up the monotony... to get fresh air,” Jeanne said.

Brooke said she’d definitely do it again.

It wasn’t the only prize for the family. Mark won first place in the adult category.

He started on the lake at 8:30 a.m. and the kids joined at noon.

The weather was good, he said.

It was his first time doing the derby, but he fishes on Pentwater Lake several times a year.

“Ryan’s a great guy,” Mark said.

Brad Briggs got second place and Gabe Johnson third place.

Jason Reinbold won the “Biggest Perch” award with a 10.5-inch fish.

“It was slow starting. When the wind picked up the fish were more active,” he said. “We drilled a lot of holes and moved around a lot to find them.”

The winners took home cash prizes. Door prizes were donated by local businesses and given out at the end.

This was year 12 for the tournament. There were 77 adults and 20 kids registered this year.

“It’s been a fun 12 years,” Willams said. “It’s gets people out doors and brings them into town. It’s something fun to do in the winter. The fishing is usually slower this time of year, so its fun to see what they bring in.”

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