10 & 31 Celebration canceled

Tom Lane shows off a red 1967 Ford Mustang during the car show at the Scottville 10 & 31 Celebration in 2019. The city has opted to cancel the 10 & 31 Celebration in order to focus more on the Fall Festival in September.

Scottville is making some changes to its summer and fall events, and the city’s Downtown Development Authority has opted to do away with the late-summer 10 & 31 Celebration in order to focus more on the Fall Festival in September.

“We’re not going to do the 10 & 31 Celebration,” City Manager Jimmy Newkirk told the Daily News on Friday. “That seemed to be waning, and the Fall Festival was growing, so we decided to put all our funds into that.”

Newkirk said it was a challenge to keep the 10 & 31 Celebration afloat in 2022, noting that the events associated with the celebration — including a classic car show — have seen diminishing returns since the celebration’s 2018 inception.

There was a lack of interest in the event despite recent efforts to collaborate and co-market with the Western Michigan Old Engine Club’s Old Engine and Tractor Show.

“We struggled to keep the car show. The numbers were dwindling. It was difficult to link what’s happening with the Old Engine Club in Riverside Park with what’s going on downtown,” Newkirk said.

One element of the event that the city hopes to maintain is the rubber ducky race on Pere Marquette River. Prior to 2018, the race was part of Scottville’s now-defunct Summerfest celebration.

“The duck race is always popular, but we can do that in September,” Newkirk said.

The city commission on Monday will consider making an early push for volunteers in preparation for this year’s Fall Festival, and it could take steps to form a volunteer committee.

“If we’re going to do it, we need some help. It can’t just be city staff,” Newkirk said. “We need some more people involved earlier to help out. … (The DDA) is seeking some people to help out with the planing and follow-through to make that happen.”

Newkirk said the Fall Festival, which lasted two days and featured a performance by The Verve Pipe in 2022, will probably be shortened to one day only for this year.

The DDA made the decision to strike 10 & 31 earlier this week, according to Newkirk.

The 10 & 31 Celebration was first launched to fill the gap following the cancellation of the Harvest Festival.

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