SCOTTVILLE — An acting city manager is needed to fill in for Courtney Magaluk during a maternity leave, and Scottville Police Chief Matt Murphy is being recommended to assume the role.

The city commission is set to discuss the development during its regular meeting at 5:30 p.m. Monday. Officials will meet at city hall, but the public is encouraged to attend via Zoom in accordance with the recent MDHHS emergency orders restricting public gatherings.

In the notes for Monday’s meeting, Magaluk said she’s expecting her third child just after Thanksgiving.

She stated that, while the issue has not been an official business item until now, there has been planning and communication “behind the scenes.”

Magaluk said she doesn’t plan to be out of the office for long.

“I only plan a couple of weeks where I will be unavailable except for critical items,” she stated. “Beginning in January, I will be working from home but available to the public by phone and email, gradually transitioning to in-person office hours. In early February, I will resume my full, regular schedule.”

She said there are some in-office duties that need to continue uninterrupted, which necessitates the appointment of an acting city manager.

“I do wish to assure the commission and public that this personal life event does not change my commitment to the City of Scottville (or) my role as city manager,” Magaluk said.

A resolution has been prepared to appoint Murphy as acting city manager, and will be considered by the commission during Monday’s meeting.

School resource officer

Also before the commission is the school resource officer agreement with West Shore Community College. The agreement also involves Mason County Central Schools, and would result in an additional officer for the Scottville Police Department to provide law enforcement services at WSCC. The agreement also includes a police vehicle, for which the college will reimburse the city.

The officer would be a shared resource between the City of Scottville — and, as a result, MCC schools — and the college.

The board of trustees at WSCC has approved the agreement, but City Manager Courtney Magaluk stated in the notes for Monday’s meeting that some discrepancies were found between the version of the agreement approved by the college and the version provided by Carlos Alvarado, city attorney.

“We believe these items have now been fully resolved,” Magaluk stated. “The city attorney will provide a more detailed update, including a potential addendum for your approval at Monday’s meeting.”

She stated that a draft of the contract with Mason County Central Schools has also been updated, and will be sent to the school for review, comment and action.

Magaluk said the contract is expected to be approved, and that Murphy has been interviewing candidates for the additional position.

“In expectation of finalizing both agreements, Chief Murphy posted the additional police position and preliminary interviews were held Friday.”

Commissioners will also revisit the interlocal agreement for a county-designated assessor, with added comments from Alvarado.

To attend the meeting via Zoom, visit The meeting ID is 864-9636-5108, and the passcode 49454.

To participate via telephone, call (312) 626-6799).