Singing loud

Audience members raise their hands to the heavens during Waterfront Worship Saturday at Waterfront Park, as the Nashville-based duo Zach and Maggie White perform hymns with their band.

People sang with the music, clapped and held their hands to the heavens, as Waterfront Worship returned Saturday evening in Ludington’s Waterfront Park.

Celtic Praise was the theme of this year’s concert, which was headlined by the Nashville-based duo, Zach and Maggie White. Zach played guitar and sang, and Maggie sang, played fiddle and Irish step-danced. Many of the songs the Whites and their backup band performed were classic hymns, like “Blessed Assurance,” “Power in the Blood” and “Crown Him with Many Crowns,” all with a Celtic or folk-music flair.

“Most of these people are going to go, ‘Oh, I know that song.’ But they’ll be hearing songs in a way they’ve never heard them before, either with a bluegrass feel or an Irish feel, and it kind of gives new life to a song,” said Verne Kenney, who produced the concert.

The audience filled rows of lawn chairs and blankets, spread out on the grass in front of the pavilion, for the two hours of Christian music.

“It went very well. They were very receptive. There’s something about a lawn chair that can make people just stay in their own world, but they were really singing congregationally, which was wonderful,” Zach said after the show.

“And it was great to see everybody sing so soon,” Maggie said.

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