For Jack Bauknecht, 95, who moved to Ludington a year ago, Memorial Day means honoring those who gave their lives for the country he loves and put his life on the line for during World War II.

Bauknecht told the Daily News that he really appreciates the people who come up to him at places like the House of Flavors and thank him for his service.

“People will come over and shake my hand and thank me for World War II and what I did,” he said. “That is the stuff that I remember. It is great for people to say thanks for your service.”

Bauknecht, years after his service time in World War II had ended, wanted to share his story. He did, when he was living in Delta Township near Lansing, and it appeared on Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2011, in the Lansing State Journal.

“I have always had this,” he told the Lansing State Journal at that time. “But I have never shared this with anybody besides my family.”

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