A Ludington man was sentenced to jail time for the attempted strangulation of his wife Tuesday before Judge Susan K. Sniegowski Tuesday in 51st Circuit Court.

Matthew Dustin Case, 35, 229 1/2 E. Second St, was sentenced to one year in the Mason County Jail and two years probation for convictions of attempted assault by strangulation and being a third-offense habitual offender. He was ordered to serve seven months of the jail term now with the rest to be served at the court’s discretion.

Despite the fact that Case attempted to strangle her, his wife was present in the courtroom to show her support for him and addressed the court by reading a letter that she had written.

She described Case as a “big teddy bear,” a Christian man and a person who was so much more than what “he looks like on a piece of paper.”

“When we took our vows two years ago we took seriously the part where death do us part,” she said. “When things get tough, you don’t just call it quits. I know that we will be able to rise above this.

“He’s a great husband, father, brother, uncle and son. He works hard and has had a profound impact on my life and the life of our daughters. He’s a hard worker and a good provider. I’m hoping the court will look past his mistakes today and look at the whole picture in giving out the sentence.”

“Your conduct was horrible and inexcusable which led you to be in this courtroom today,” Judge Sniegowski said. “And I think it’s convenient that you blame this all on alcohol. What bothers me is what was lying underneath, what caused all that anger you directed toward your wife that the alcohol only magnified.

“I’m not trying to minimize the positive things you have done with your life since this happened,” the judge added, “like getting a good job and getting high praise from your employer. But these are serious charges.

“This is one of those really difficult cases the court has to deal with,” Judge Sniegowski continued. ”I have to look at all pieces and put them together and then make a decision.”

The judge lifted the no contact order between the couple, but reminded both of them that the any time during the two years probation the order can be put back in place by the court.

Case was ordered to pay $838 in fines, costs and other assessments.