Hamlin Township residents who live near the Y intersection of North Lakeshore Drive and M-116 have long enjoyed a peaceful and hassle-free existence. Everything changed drastically in May 2022 when the biergarten at Stix hosted its first outdoor rock concert with ear-splitting music levels. Almost 40 similar concerts were held on every weekend in June, July, August and into mid-September. Complaints from its neighbors met with little or no resolutions.

According to the Hamlin Township Zoning Ordinances, residents have the right to expect the quiet enjoyment of their homes and property. The township master plan requires that new commercial developments must maintain design standards that reflect the rural character of the township. An outdoor nightclub venue featuring excessively loud rock concerts and hundreds of attendees is not in keeping with that description.

The new Stix restaurant, the remodeled bowling alley and the family-oriented activities in the biergarten are regarded as improvements to the Y intersection neighborhood. However, the high-volume-level outdoor rock concerts disregard the clear language in our zoning ordinances that provides for the peaceful enjoyment of our residential homes.

Stix has offered its patrons live music on the weekends during this winter. No neighbors have complained and no police have been called. Stix’s profits are undoubtedly lower than those from the rock concerts, but these six months of peace for the neighborhood have been priceless. Continuing both live and canned music to inside the Stix facilities would be an ideal solution.

Marty Cupp

Hamlin Township