The woman who threatened to burn the Ludington Walmart down last November pleaded guilty in 51st Circuit Court Tuesday. Morgan Faith Johnson, 24, of Wellston, pleaded guilty to charges of assaulting/resisting/obstructing police and retail fraud.

She was initially charged with disturbing the peace, disorderly/obscene conduct and a second count of assaulting/resisting/obstructing police, which were dismissed in a plea agreement.

According to court documents, Johnson was arrested by Mason County Sheriff’s deputies Nov. 3, 2019 after throwing merchandise around the store. She reportedly dumped a can of motor oil down an aisle and threw her cell phone at deputies when they tried to approach her.

Johnson told the judge Tuesday that she pulled away from the officer as he was trying to take her into custody. She also said that she took some clothes and boots, valued at under $200. She said she tried them on and left them on, attempting to leave the store.