When the weather drops to under 30 degrees, the sound of the soup kettle arrives.

The hunt for the kettle top begins – you know the one that really fits the special soup kettle. I put it in the special place last spring and now I can’t find it. Oh yes, after moving 30 covers, there it is sitting quietly, waiting for duty call. You know if you are a great cook, which I am not, each pot, pan and skillet has a place or else it doesn’t cook right, especially soup or stew.

Now to begin. Oh yes, Mrs. Kettle is ready. Put the cookbook on kitchen counter if you need it. Begin – Beef soup is Hubby’s favorite. About 2½ pounds of beef roast – moves from counter to kettle. Add water – maybe ½ of pot full. Oh yes, turn gas on the newly purchased stove. It will begin to boil gently in a few minutes. A new stove is always better that an old one, right? Add garlic salt if you can stand the garlic taste. Add pepper.

Simmer about four hours on Monday. Let broth rest until Tuesday morning. Turn new stove on once more and add vegetables such as celery, carrots, of course onions, just green peppers — maybe a large one. I like enough.

Then the main ingredient. barley! – everyone’s favorite. Hubby said not to forget the all-important barley. Cut all veggies to the size you like. Oh yes, I forgot already to add ½ onion – white one only.

Pray over mixture and begin. Now sometimes that prayer works because it tastes just like Grandma’s – even better than her cookbook. When dishing out to family, I’ve found a teaspoon of catsup spread over a small piece of meat tastes just great too.

If that soup pleased everyone (I doubt it) – Try this:

Quick chicken soup. The following week use the same kettle and cover. Yes, use the same new stove. Buy three chicken legs and thighs. Fill the kettle ½ full of water. Add salt pepper and maybe garlic, too, – ¼ teaspoon.

Bring to boil. Wash chicken. Add to broth. Bring to slow boil. Start praying. Watch chicken fall off bones and into chicken broth. In two hours, turn stove off. I told you it was quick and simple.

Do I like it? No! Beef is better. So choose which one you like. Yes, I pick beef. You can have all the chicken you want. Can you just hear the chicken s in the barn yard crying,

“Please don’t cut my head off?” I can!

And that is the way that it went for turkeys yesterday, too. Only it sounded like, “Gobble, Gobble.”

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, we did! No soup or barley, just turkey!

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