Throughout history we have had our diseases and we have still survived. Looking back, the preponderance of information is about the diseases and how many died. Today, we are told that we should rely on science to save us from disease. But what about the people who survived the diseases when science was not available to them? How did these people survive without scientists to tell them what to do and corporations to profit from the advice? No one seems to know, and no one seems to care.

Around the 1920s man introduced electricity to the cities and rural areas. A new industry was developed and sold to our people. Did we do any research to determine if this new electricity affected the human body negatively? Probably not. Did we do any research to determine if our wireless internet and cell phones have affected the human body negatively? There is but you will not see it on local television. Now, we are being offered 5G internet technology, smart this and that, and many other electronic devices. The corporations offering this technology can always blame any adverse health effects on some disease.

Andrew Goldsworthy, PhD, biologist, discussed circadian metabolic rhythms. These occur in virtually all higher organisms and keep us in sync with the Earth’s 24-hour rotation. Losing or even weakening of the circadian rhythm — due to a failure of the internal clock’s exposure to human-made electromagnetic fields — would have serious consequences. This would result in tiredness during the day and poor sleep at night. All of these effects have been reported in people exposed to continuous, weak, electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi routers and cellular antennas.

Over thousands of years, we have evolved with the electromagnetic energy emitted by the earth, lightning and other natural sources. Our cells function using electrochemical signals. Meanwhile, our electrical grid, our appliances, wireless devices and telecommunications equipment function at frequencies and strengths that are not found in nature. These conveniences keep us efficient and entertained, but they emit electromagnetic radiation and these emissions have the ability to affect basic biological functioning. William Bruno, PhD, biologist, states that it’s not a stretch to conclude that weak, human-made electromagnetic fields affect melatonin production and sleep, and might easily cause disease over time.

I know of people that have migraine headaches when their Wi-Fi router is turned on, friends that have severe leg pain due to a desktop computer under their desk near their legs, individuals that feel a strong pressure when inside buildings with LED lighting and others that feel nauseated and weak in areas of strong electromagnetic transmissions.

Most of you only know the benefits of wireless devices. Here are some links to the hazards of electronic devices: EMF Solutions, Earthcalm,, the WEEP Initiative, the Electrosensitive Society and You might even consider a gauss meter, electro-smog meter, or some other device to detect electromagnetic radiation in your home.

For those of you that have been suffering from strange aches, pains or some other malady, you could try putting a 1- to 2-foot piece of strip magnet above your doors and windows. This has helped many people feel better in their homes. This may even correct the electromagnetic radiation from devices inside your house. You will know if this corrects your problem(s) because your symptoms will disappear. If the symptoms do not, you may need an electromagnetic detection device to search out and correct your offending device, or you could try putting magnets on all your in-house electromagnetic devices.

With the new electromagnetic radiation in our environment, will our immune systems be able to protect us? We are being told that wind and solar farms are the solution to our electrical problems. Many say that the electromagnetic radiation from wind and solar is many times worse that from the established electrical grid. Now, people are being invited to put 5G internet technology towers on their homes. Before you accept that invitation, you might want to research both sides of the 5G controversy before accepting. The human body has been shown to be able to adapt to many changes in our environment, but not without cost. Knowledge is power, do not be a victim.

Aldon Maleckas


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