A short time ago, I had a conversation with a man I thought I knew well. He was very pleased over the results of the recent presidential election stating that we’re now going to straighten the country out and get of that corrupt bum from the White House. For a brief moment, I thought he was referring to the 2016 election.

He then cited the wonderful virtues of socialism and communism, noting that under this leadership we’ll really be following our constitution. Physically, he appeared to be a person I knew but verbally I couldn’t recognize him. Somewhat bewildered I asked, where did you get this information? From the news media was his answer. Well, there’s your problem, you paid attention to the wrong people, and I left.

If there’s anyone in this country that doesn’t know the destructive power of communism and socialism, they have either never looked into a history book or they have been deceived by the devil. It’s hard for me to conceive of a Christian country (which we call ourselves) blindly accepting an atheistic ideology with no regard of what the future will hold under that type of government. Past experiences in other countries have been disastrous and are well documented.

If this past election was honest, which I have doubts, then that’s what the majority voted for. It makes you wonder, as a nation, where we are coming from and, more importantly, where are we going? Somewhere it was said, “There are those who have eyes but cannot see and those who have ears and cannot hear.” And that’s not because of a physical defect, it’s a spiritual one. Come to think about it, I believe that came from the mouth of Jesus and is quoted in the Bible.

Before the election, Biden indicated that governing by executive orders was not the way to lead this country. By mid-March, he issued more than 50 executive orders, more than the past three presidents in the same period of time and what are some of these executive orders? Increase funding for Planned Parenthood. Use tax dollars to support abortion in foreign lands. Stopping work on oil pipelines which is costing thousands of jobs. Boys and men will be allowed to use women’s dressing and bathrooms if they think that they may be a female, and that’s only the beginning. He calls himself a moderate and a practicing Christian. It appears he’s practicing in the wrong direction.

The so-called Equality Act which… is being attempted to get passed is anything but equality. If passed, it would force small businesses such as bakeries, jewelry stores, social planners and marriage counselors to go against their religious convictions. It would tell… business leaders who they had to hire even if they belonged to a group opposed to their principles. There is a concern among some religious leaders that the Equality Act would eventually interfere with the opposition to officiate at a same sex marriage although there is nothing in the (bill) that would confirm that.

At this point, it appears we are headed in the wrong direction. When we kicked our Lord out of our schools with the help of the ACLU in the early ‘60s and adopted freedom of choice (Roe vs. Wade), in the early ‘70s, we continued a downward slide that no one person can reverse.

We need help from almighty God. In the Old Testament, when the Jewish nation turned their backs on God, they suffered greatly, sometimes for many years. Only when they realized their foolishness and begged God for forgivenelss did our Lord heal their land. This can happen again in our country, but it will take lots of prayers and a determination on our part to give up our sinful ways and follow the Lord. There is no other way. God bless all of you.

Walt Carrier

Amber Township

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