I’d like to begin by thanking Don Palmer for his response to a recent letter from the lunatic fringe regarding Joe Biden’s short term in office thus far. I had toyed with a response myself but Mr. Palmer’s offering hit the nail on the head.

(There was) another recent contribution concerned “under counting’ the number of COVID deaths in the U.S. thus far. I’ve tried to find the numbers provided, but I cannot find anything through reputable sources. Another far right meme is that COVID death rates are being inflated and therefore there are no reasons to observe lockdown regulations or other social-distancing measures.

Prominent in promoting this myth is Dr. Annis Bukacek, whose speech warning that COVID death certificates are being manipulated has been shown a quarter million times on YouTube. She appears in a white lab coat with a stethoscope around her neck, making her look like an authoritative medical source. In fact, she’s an anti-vaccination and anti-abortion activist, previously known for bringing plastic fetuses into the Montana state legislature. Her insistence that COVID death rates are inflated has, of course, no basis in fact.

The CDC has furnished all the information on this issue. Truth be known, the number of COVID deaths is more than 40% higher than the official count of 490,000 according to a data analysis of nearly 800 counties that supported Trump, the analysis found, with many COVID deaths simply not diagnosed or reported as such.

It is important to speak out (against) online misinformation and conspirative narratives whether COVID, climate change or anything else.

Roger Barham

Hamlin Township

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