History says that we, the people, created the states and the union as a result of experiencing problems with Britain.

As a result of the effort to establish our government and witnessing the problems of a standing army, the people decided that they would reserve the right to defend themselves against all enemies foreign and domestic. They put into the founding document the right to protect themselves by keeping and bearing arms. Of course, this means the same arms that the aggressor might employ.

We must not forget that the people who won our independence were fathers and sons who received lessons together on the current art of war. They were preparing to take arms at a moment’s notice. They were the minute men. Without citizens who owned their own weapons, comparable to any army at the time, we would not have a nation today. These people understood the unalienable right to keep and bear arms.

Now, you can understand why some would want to deny us the arms to protect ourselves. You might want to pick up some history books written in the 1800s, or earlier, and read about our history.

We elect people to represent us. Common law calls this division of labor. Human nature will cause these representatives to do things not authorized and, if we let them, they will continue to do as they please, that is, unless we stop them. Remember, the representatives are supposed to serve us and not act like kings and queens.

John R. Lott, Jr., wrote “More Guns, Less Crime” in 1998. At that time he taught criminal deterrence law and economics at the University of Chicago. He states that he searched the FBI’s massive, yearly crime figures for all 3,054 U.S. counties over 18 years as well as state police documents on illegal gun use. His unexpected findings reveal that many of the most commonly held assumptions about gun control and its crime-fighting usefulness are simply wrong.

Instead, Lott argues, “right to carry” laws and legally concealed handguns currently represent the most cost-effective methods available for reducing violent crime. One wonders about the push to defund police departments. Could this be why the media puts a dim light on this defunding? The people would need to take up arms to defend themselves, crime would diminish and the police might be out of a job.

In 2003, John Lott wrote “The Bias Against Guns.” In this book, he states you will learn: How talking heads promote gun control in the guise of news; the clever way reporters and the New York Times “spike” pro-gun facts; the trick government statisticians use to “cook” data for the anti-gun lobby; the sleight of hand that gun-controllers use to grab your taxpayer dollars for their agenda; why bicycles, water buckets and playing football are more dangerous to children than guns; giving citizens the right to carry concealed weapons to cut crime; why Britain, which recently banned handguns, now has a violent crime rate double that of the U.S; the fallacy of “safe storage” laws; why assault weapons bans and gun show regulations are counterproductive.

(I) watch (local television news) daily. We are shown shootings involving guns, how bad it is, how dangerous guns are, etc. The news commentators (they no longer just report) state and imply that the only answer is more gun control laws and/or the confiscation of all weapons. Think back and try to remember any instance where a gun prevented a crime or the loss of life. Don’t remember any? April 17, 2018. Three men say they were asleep inside a mobile home in Glen St. Mary, Florida, about 4 a.m. Sunday when they heard a voice outside yell, “Sheriff’s Office!” before the front door burst open. In stormed a masked gunman who fired off a single round, others followed, before two of the men inside, one armed with an AR-15 rifle and the other with a handgun opened fire. The intruders lost, the mobile home inhabitants did not. This should make you think. Many websites report on the issue of guns preventing crime and saving lives.

Too many of our rich, famous and politicians advocate for more and stricter gun control laws. Of course, these laws will not include the guns of their bodyguards, of the guards patrolling their gated communities or of the criminals waiting for you to give up your gun rights. Knowledge is power. Protect yourself.

Aldon Maleckas


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