Despite the fiery remarks he made to the mob prior to their attack on the Capitol, President Trump has taken no responsibility for the deadly mob invasion of the Capitol last week, nor has he shown any remorse for what occurred. Instead, Trump claims Congress will incite violence if it proceeds to impeach him again. Trump is the master of distraction and denial. His Republican puppets align with their master.

Congress must impeach Trump again because the Republican majority Senate voted to acquit when presented with the first impeachment articles approved by the House of Representatives. Had the Senate voted to convict at that time, Trump would have been removed from office as POTUS and never allowed to run again. What has happened since has underscored the failure of the Republican jurists in the senate to objectively assess the evidence, render a non-partisan verdict and remove this dangerous, unscrupulous man from power.

Republicans defended their failure to convict by saying it was up to the voters to remove him from office if they so chose to do so. Well, the voters did choose to do just that on Nov. 3, 2020. But Trump and his Republican cronies did not accept the voter’s choice. Numerous courts and State legislatures found no legal basis for their claims of voter fraud. But Trump and his supporters strove to overturn the democratic election by any means necessary. The attack on the Capitol was a demonstration of that.

Congress must impeach Trump again and convict this time. The first impeachment by the House focused on Trump’s abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. There was ample evidence and testimony to justify the charges, but the Republican blockade held fast. The single charge for Trump’s second impeachment is “incitement of insurrection.” The charges are straightforward and again well evidenced. There is indication that some Republicans will finally remove their partisan blinders, stand tall and convict.   

Congress must impeach Trump again even though the process will not be complete while he is still in office. Impeachment can still render a measure of overdue justice. Impeachment can still affirm that truth and integrity will prevail. Impeachment is about setting the record right and can help safeguard our democracy in the future. 

Our country is deeply wounded but we will survive this assault. As a nurse, I know that wounds that are deep and festering won’t heal until they are opened and debrided. Likewise, the wounds our country has suffered can’t heal before they have been exposed and debrided. Impeachment will help that happen.

Brenda Reeber


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