Dr. Nelson’s letter ("Reasons given for not wearing masks," Monday, Sept. 20) on masks points to the me versus us element of COVID-19. We are truly at war against this virus. So we need to listen to our leaders, like we listen to our generals in a war.

In this case it’s (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) we must listen to. They analyze all the data and tell us the best route to take. They use the odds to pick the winner, and in the long run the odds win. Alas, when the data is not all in, or it changes, like with the variants, their advice changes. But the CDC Is the best we have, and our best hope is to listen. The CDC (stated) earlier that vaccinated folks did not need masks if meeting with other vaccinated folks, so all of us put our masks away, including the unvaccinated, but (the) Delta (variant) and the unvaccinated combined to beat us down. Now (the) CDC says all should wear a mask if inside and avoid crowds if you can.

For whom do you wear the mask? For all the others you encounter who are not vaccinated and in danger. Some cannot tolerate the vaccine and the young cannot yet get it. We wear a mask for them, not for us. That includes the child or older family member you later interact with. My daughter treats COVID patients in a large hospital and says many grandparents die from hugging a grandchild. And the infection rate of children is now 20%.

Like Dr. Nelson, I hate masks, but I hope I, and you, and even Dr. Nelson will wear one when inside with others for the sake of all of them who cannot get the vaccination I have.

I think this is the essence of America. We care enough for our fellow man to just follow CDC guidelines and wear the mask when inside with others. Outside it is not needed if we keep a distance. Please wear a mask as needed until our positivity rate goes back down.

Tim Murphy


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