I am saddened by the behavior and rhetoric being used by our government officials of any party this past year.

The constant blaming of the other side is surely adding to the stress of all the people in our nation and causing great divides among us. We are being tested, and we are failing. Our leaders sound like immature school children pointing fingers at each other and claiming the other started whatever ruckus is currently in play.

The vaccine roll out is the latest controversy. It's taking too long. Why didn't Washington have a plan to roll this out in place? Do you really want the national government to control everything? What about states' rights? With rights come responsibility and accountability. Why did each state not have their own roll out plan in place? They knew the vaccine was coming. They are supposed to know the needs of their state and where the vaccine needs to go first. Why are they saying it is Washington's fault?

These are the same people who mandated what closed, for how long, when we could gather, where we could eat or not eat, go to church or not, what we need to wear, how far we have to stand from each other and so on. We are all aware that each state handled their response to this situation differently.

So, I ask you, why were the individual states not ready to implement a roll out in their own state?

Jill Hatch

Amber Township

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