Dr. Michelle Kuster, Allen Mallison

Allen Mallison doesn’t want to die. 

He wants to work, find a place to live, gain balance and stability in his life, and become the proverbial “productive member of society.”

He definitely doesn’t want to keep hurting the people he loves. 

There has been too much of that.

The 28-year-old has spent his 20s on a roller coaster of addiction to opioids, first to prescription painkillers and anti-anxiety medication. When those were harder to come by, he started shooting up heroin.

On June 15, he overdosed. A life-saving dose of naloxone means he's still alive today.

He's getting help through Dr. Michelle Kuster at All Access Care. He has a job and is working to rebuild a life, this time sober.

The program has been a key to success, with medication-assisted treatment, group therapy and a support system in place.

Kuster is hoping the community will wrap around those facing addiction, noting some people are predisposed to addiction and, once they're addicted, their brain changes. 

A return to a life of sobriety takes a long time, and a lot of help, she said.

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