Book bags

Isabella Pratt looks to pick out a book at the PoWeR! Book Bag area at the Salvation Army office.

Great amounts of power can be found in the size of a bookbag. But not just any kind of power — playing, writing and reading PoWeR!

Just as the name suggests, PoWeR! Book Bags is an organization that strives to provide every child with the tools to access and excel in language and literacy, as well as build a personal library collection.

“We are an organization that is all about empowering children to improve and fall in love with their literacy,” said Kara Gregory, founder and the executive director for PoWeR! Book Bags. “What we are striving to do — we want to increase the number of books that children own and increase their literacy experience.”

Continued growth in literacy sets children on the right path for life, Gregory said research suggests.

“The more words that children experience … the better they will learn, the more easily they will have friends, and the more likely that they will be able to contribute in a positive way to society,” Gregory said.

The program allows kids to receive a book bag that contains a bookmark, crayons, a paper journal and a book provided by the program that each child has the opportunity to choose. A new item added for extra play is a finger puppet.

“We created the bags. They’re homemade, handcrafted bags. They’re handcrafted because we want the children to feel special that someone took the time to make it for them …

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