Room Redo Application

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Please complete the following information to submit your Ludington Daily News Redo Room application.

Homes will be considered in Ludington and surrounding Mason County Area
You have 200 words remaining.
Single story, two story, duplex, etc.
Room Re-Do Rules:

We will schedule in-home visits as part of the selection process.

Deadline for entries is February 1, 2020.

1. Applicants must own the property or have written permission from the owner.
2. All participants must write a 200 word essay on why or how they want the room redone.
3. Pictures of room must be provided.
4.The room must be at least 250 sq. ft. (width x length). The room must already have furniture in it. Remove any furniture that cannot be touched. No bathrooms or kitchens.
5. The winning home must have a team of two people: spouses, parent and child (over 16 years of age), siblings and friends are all welcome. You might need to take off work.
6. You will need to provide proof of homeowners insurance.
7. All participants must sign a waiver.

Selection of the winning room will be made by the Ludington Daily News judges.

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