CUSTER — Mason County Eastern’s Adrianna Malburg wanted to go out on her home course on top, and she did after winning a sloppy, muddy and windy Cardinal Classic Tuesday in Custer.

“I was happy for Adrianna,” Eastern coach Ben Knizacky said of his senior. “She wanted to finish first in her last race here.”

The Cardinals, as a team, finished fourth as Manistee’s girls dominated the meet. The Chippewas took second, third, fourth, fifth and seventh to secure the title, and they were led by Allie Thomas. Mason County Central was second and Ludington was fifth.

“Sadie Barnett really ran her finest yet in the sloppy, wet conditions,” Central coach Ed Sanders said. “I hope they look back and talk about days like this and laugh about it. Sadie did a great job. Gabby Jensen moved up quite a bit for us today.”

Ludington was led by Olivia VerStrat, who was 15th. Pentwater had a sole runner, Lizzy Arnouts.

Mason County Eastern’s boys won the team scoring. The Cardinals had runners finish second, third, fifth, ninth and 11th, led by Nate Wing and Eli Shoup. Six of Eastern’s runners finished in the top 15.

“I’m happy about that,” Knizacky said. “We’ve got to recover for Saturday (at the MHSAA regional meet).”

Manistee’s boys were second, led by race winner Ransom Hoeflinger. The Spartans were second and Ludington was fifth. Central was led by Gage Tyron and Jay Danielson.

“Jay Danielson ran a spectacular race,” Sanders said. “Ethan Kelley ran well. We ran without our No. 2 runner (Gavin Shirey). If he ran today, it could have been very interesting (in the team scores). I was happy with today.”

Ludington’s boys were led by Jimmy Strahan. Pentwater had three boys, led by Julien Nyberg.

Girls team results: Manistee 21, Mason County Central 70, Lake City 84, Mason County Eastern 90, Ludington 104

Mason County Eastern girls: 1-Adrianna Malburg, 21:35. 13-Amelia Malburg, 24:00. 29-Cheyenne Fogel, 26:31. 30-Amelia Stewart, 26:39. 34-Isabel Nexoe, 27:22.

Mason County Central girls: 6-Sadie Barnett, 23:34. 9-Rachel Miller, 23:40. 17-Jaden Petersen, 25:03. 22-Alex Luttrell, 25:45. 25-AshlynRose Kelley, 25:55. 26-Morgen Ahlfeld, 26:06. 33-Gabby Jensen, 27:17. 35-Elle Janicki, 27:46. 38-Mya Sterley, 28:25.

Manistee girls: 2-Allie Thomas, 21:57. 3-Noelle Fink, 22:42. 4-Olivia Holtgren, 22:56. 5-Kendahl Wright, 23:07. 7-Solana Postma, 23:36. 8-Brynn O’Donnell, 23:37. 10-Olivia Smith, 23:48. 12-Claire Scott, 23:56. 14-Taylor Murray, 24:01. 19-Millie Stephenson, 25:17. 24-Alexandria Washburn, 25:46. 28-Addy Witkowski, 26:21. 31-Courtney Haag, 27:06.

Ludington girls: 15-Olivia VerStrat, 24:24. 21-Erin Reilly, 25:38. 23-Lindy Murphy, 25:49. 27-Grace Taranko, 26:07. 39-Erin Clancy, 28:27. 40-Karina Korendyke, 29:10. 42-Natalie Allen, 29:25.

Pentwater girls: 37-Lizzy Arnouts, 28:07.

Boys Team Results: Mason County Eastern 30, Manistee 44, Mason County Central 62, Lake City 113, Ludington 135.

Boys Race Winner: Ransom Hoeflinger, Manistee, 18:05.

Mason County Eastern Boys: 2-Nate Wing, 18:17. 3-Eli Shoup, 18:24. 5-Henry Hybza, 18:44. 9-Neal Stewart, 19:23.4. 11-Till Meister, 19:28. 13-Daniel Knizacky, 19:34. 21-Raul Hernandez, 20:17. 23-Nelson Damkoehler, 20:29. 32-Joshua Manier, 1:07. 45-Evan Zerby, 22:49. 47-Jalen Tabaczka, 23:38. 50-Daniel Wolf, 24:10.

Manistee Boys: 1-Ransom Hoeflinger, 18:05. 7-Caiden Cudney, 19:15. 10-Jarod Wright, 19:23.7. 12-Declan McCann, 19:29. 14-Elliot Hoeflinger, 19:43. 19-Jacob Lindeman, 20:06. 25-Carter Kissell, 20:35. 28-Jordan Fink, 20:50. 34-Luke Herberger, 21:16. 35-Seth Thompson, 21:19. 39-Brian Spruce, 22:02. 41-Bishop Davis, 22:22. 49-Trent Beaudrie, 24:04. 51-Tug Thuemmel, 25:14. 53-Dylan Madsen, 25:39. 54-Austin Benitez, 25:44. 60-Branden Belt, 34:49. 61-Darren Guzikowski, 36:00.

Mason County Central Boys: 6-Gage Tyron, 18:56. 8-Jay Danielson, 19:21. 15-Ethan Kelley, 19:46. 16-Michael Patulski, 19:49. 17-Spencer Johnson, 19:51. 20-Keegan Dunn, 20:07. 22-Zach Quinn, 20:22. 24-Isaac Johnson, 20:34. 26-Derek Pearson, 20:46. 30-Hunter White, 21:04. 31-Tyler Thurow, 21:06. 43-Cullen Kraus-McCarty, 22:30. 52-Dominik Petersen, 25:17. 58-Basil Foisy, 29:46. 59-Alecc Munoz, 30:55.

Ludington Boys: 27-Jimmy Strahan, 20:47. 33-Aaron Conger, 21:08. 37-Kyler Garrow, 21:47. 38-Owen Storm, 21:56. 48-Aidan Forrester, 23:54. 56-Jack Bossick, 26:38. 57-Charles Austin, 26:48.

Pentwater Boys: 18-Julien Nyberg, 19:59. 40-James Davis, 22:07. 55-Shane Roberts, 26:31.

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