National Videos

(7 Oct 2022) SpaceX has delivered a fresh crew to the International Space Station for NASA, including the first Russian to launch from the U.S. in 20 years. The crew of four also includes the first Native American woman to orbit the Earth. (Oct. 7)

(7 Oct 2022) Here's the latest for Friday October 7th: Biden says world is closer to nuclear 'Armageddon' than any time since 1962; Hurricane Ian death toll tops 100; Senate debate in Arizona; Biden pardons thousands for simple marijuana possession under federal law.

(7 Oct 2022) For those who lost everything to a natural disaster and even those spared, the anguish can be crushing to return home to find so much gone. (Oct. 7) (AP Video/Robert Bumsted)

(7 Oct 2022) Police say an attacker has killed two people and wounded six others in stabbings along the Las Vegas Strip. They say three people are hospitalized in critical condition and another three are stable after the stabbings. (Oct. 6)

(7 Oct 2022) Highlights of this day in history: U.S. and Britain strike Afghanistan; Achille Lauro hijacked; Supreme Court pick Clarence Thomas faces damaging claims; Matthew Shepard beaten to death; Singer John Mellencamp born; 'Cats' hits Broadway. (Oct. 7)

(7 Oct 2022) The leaders of California, California, Oregon, Washington state and British Columbia on Thursday signed a new agreement to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move toward a low-carbon future. (Oct. 6) (AP Video by Terry Chea)

(6 Oct 2022) Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz calmly told a psychologist why he picked Valentine’s Day to massacre 17 people at Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School four years ago: Because no one loved him. (Oct. 6)

(6 Oct 2022) Police say a suspect was arrested in connection with a stabbing attack along the Las Vegas Strip that left at least two people dead and several wounded Thursday (Oct. 6)

(6 Oct 2022) French author Annie Ernaux has won this year's Nobel Prize in Literature. The Swedish Academy said Ernaux, 82, was recognized for "the courage and clinical acuity" of her writing. (Oct. 6)

(6 Oct 2022) Here’s the latest for Thursday, October 6: Pres. Biden pardoning thousands convicted of marijuana possession; At least 36 killed in Thailand preschool attack; Kidnapped California family found dead; French feminist writer wins Nobel prize for literature.

(6 Oct 2022) A rescue operation continued off a southern Greek island after a sailboat carrying up to 100 migrants hit rocks and sank in high winds late Wednesday, authorities said. (Oct. 6)

(6 Oct 2022) Police say a baby girl, her parents and uncle have been found dead in a central California orchard two days after they were kidnapped at gunpoint from their business. (Oct. 6)

(6 Oct 2022) The man accused of plowing an SUV through a Wisconsin Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring dozens, was removed from the courtroom as his trial began. Darrell Brooks then removed his shirt (Oct. 6)

(6 Oct 2022) President Joe Biden says the decision by OPEC+ to cut oil production is a "disappointment," but adds the White House is exploring "alternatives." He also says he doesn't regret his trip to Saudi Arabia which he claims wasn't about oil. (Oct. 6)

(6 Oct 2022) Here’s the latest for Thursday, October 6: Gunman kills more than 30 people at child care center in Thailand; Zelenskyy calls on greater support from the international community; Kishida condemn's North Korea's recent missle firing over Japan; French stars cut hair to support pr…

(6 Oct 2022) A Purdue University student was arrested Wednesday in the killing of his roommate in their campus dorm room. There was no immediate word on a possible motive (Oct. 6)

(6 Oct 2022) A North Dakota junior college has a senior statesman on its football team. North Dakota State College of Science has a 49-year-old backup defensive lineman named Ray Ruschel. (Oct. 6) (AP video: Dave Kolpack/Carrie Antlfinger)

(6 Oct 2022) Emotions as people describe the trauma of being homeless and joy living in an apartment after life on the streets, illustrating the story of homelessness at two high-rent U.S. state capitals. (Oct. 6) (AP Video by Rodrique Ngowi and Haven Daley)

(6 Oct 2022) After the successful liftoff of a four-person crew from Kennedy Space Center on Wednesday, U.S. and Russian space officials told reporters that they intended to continue cooperating in space despite tensions over Russia's war in Ukraine. (Oct. 5)

(6 Oct 2022) Daily life has spun out of control since Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry announced a rise in fuel prices last month, after which protests erupted across a country already in the grips of an economic crisis. (Oct. 6)

(6 Oct 2022) Widespread drought that dried up large parts of Europe, the United States and China this past summer was made 20 times more likely by climate change, according to a new study. (Oct.5)

(6 Oct 2022) Eric Weinberg, an executive producer and writer for the hit TV show "Scrubs" and many others, has been charged with sexually assaulting five women that he lured to photo shoots and there could be many more victims, Los Angeles County prosecutors announced Wednesday. (Oct. 5)