“Where there is a need, there is a Lion” That statement sums up the Hart Lions Club philosophy according to local club president, Jim Evans.

“We are the world’s largest service organization and one of the oldest, celebrating 100 years of community service,”  Evans said.

The national Lions Club programs, including Leader Dogs for the blind and the White Cane activities, benefit the people in need throughout the world. Over 100 countries have active Lions Clubs working to help the community. The Lions have been associated with assisting the sight impaired in the past, however, today the organization works with the hearing disabled and other health issues. The club is not limited to strictly being a support for those with health impairment. All issues impacting the community are the concern of the Hart Lions Club. The club wants to serve the community as is reflected in the national Lions Club motto “We Serve.”

Evans and his wife, Donica, are the area coordinators for the Lions Club “Kidsight” program designed to screen pre-school children to assist with detecting vision problems at the earliest age possible. The screening this year included area public and private schools. This project has expanded this year to include the Telamon migrant centers in Hart, New Era and Walkerville.

The Crystal Valley Care Fund, The Oceana Foundation, Good Samaritans, Oceana County Council on Aging, American Cancer Society and numerous projects dedicated to improving eyesight and hearing are only a few of the local groups that benefit from the Hart Lions Club’s time, treasure and talent. 

“We feel very fortunate that our recent food booth sales at the Oceana County Fair were so successful it will allow the Hart Club to donate $1,000 to hurricane Harvey relief and $1,000 to hurricane Irma relief without reducing our contributions to organizations we support every year.”

The Hart Lions Club, the largest in Oceana County, is actively seeking new members to help with the numerous programs and agencies that the Lions help every year and expand their  ability to help in all ways.

“We want new members to Come with Cause,”  Evans stated.

Plans are in place to interact with the Veterans of Foreign Wars this month to see where the Lions can help with this most worthy group.

The impressive listing of those who benefit from Lions Club activities is not enough for the Hart Lions Club.

“We want to become more involved with the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, any and all agencies involved with aiding the community.” 

The Lions Club membership is open to all the people in our community and we welcome a diverse club roster.

“Help us Help so many. Show us how we can do more and add more to the efforts of the many dedicated to improving the community.”

The Hart Lions Club meets the first and third Thursdays of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Oceana County Council on Aging, 621 E. Main St., in Hart.