How to become a better deer hunter

It has been said that going squirrel hunting will make one a better deer hunter.

Since my deer hunting needs all the improvement it can get, I decided to give it a try. Some of the rugged outdoorsmen that I hang around with probably will point out that lots more than my deer hunting needs improvement.

We shall ignore them and listen to the Fur Bearing Animal, who is good at all kinds of hunting. Some years ago he gave me a lecture on how to hunt squirrels. I tried it, but the bushy tails didn’t cooperate and I gave up.

This fall I realized that of recent years I have shot one turkey and one deer. Obviously I need improvement, so it’s off to the squirrel woods.

I took a smoothbore instead of a squirrel rifle. The shotgun blast gives a better chance at squirrel pie for dinner.   Also, I don’t like firing a rifle, even a small caliber black powder rifle, off into the blue. No telling where it will land.

I sneaked into the woods early in the morning. A comfortable seat was found against a log. I padded it with one of those orange deer hunting pillows.

No squirrels appeared. I dozed a bit, then awoke in a panic, icy chills running up and down my spine. I quickly realized that nothing with lots of teeth and claws was sneaking up on me. I had slid off the pillow and the wet forest floor had invaded my pants.

I spent another few hours trudging through the woods, trying to ignore the water-soaked trousers.

Did it make me a better deer hunter? Gee, I sure hope so.