Hot Air Balloons

BY Jared Leatzow/Beaconfile photo

Hot Air Balloons soar overhead at the Electric Forest Music Festival on Friday, June 28, 2019. That was the last year the festival took place, as the COVID-19 pandemic was the reason for its cancellation last year, and again this year.

ROTHBURY – The Electric Forest Music Festival announced both on their website and social media that this year’s festival will be canceled, making it the second year in a row that organizers have canceled due to COVID-19.

After the festivals cancellation last year and the ongoing threats of COVID-19, Village of Rothbury officials had originally approved two potential dates for the event organizer Madison House Inc. The proposed dates for this year’s Electric Forest were Aug. 12-15 and Aug. 19-22.

However, unlike previous festival years, 2021 wasn’t planned to be a multi-weekend event, but rather these dates were meant to give Electric Forest a little leeway on when they held their event should COVID-19 still been an issue.

Since 2008, Electric Forest, in one iteration or another, has been taking place at the Double JJ Resort, 5900 S. Water Rd. Prior to last year’s cancellation, 2010 – when it was the Rothbury Music Festival – was the only year in which a music festival had not been held at the venue.

There was however a smaller unaffiliated festival in 2020 held at Double JJ Resort which resulted in two “imminent danger” violations as determined by the executive orders made by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer at that time.

At past festivals wrist bands were sold in place of tickets and would sell out fast, costing in the hundreds of dollars, with a re-sale value sometimes double their original cost.

2020 wrist band owners were originally given the option to have their purchase transferred over to the 2021 festival in place of a refund. According to the Electric Forest website wrist band owners can now decide to either transfer their purchase over to the 2022 festival or request a refund.

According to the Electric Forest website:

“While we all miss each other tremendously and can’t wait to connect again, the safety of the Forest Family and the community that hosts us remains of utmost importance. This must be kept front of mind, along with the meticulous planning and coordination required to coordinate and produce our time together each summer in Rothbury. We must balance our optimism with realism – and we must respect the process in place, the efforts underway, and the sacrifices we’ve all made over the last year in an effort to keep each other safe.

We are eternally thankful to the entire Forest Family for the patience, planning, and determination shown over the last year. Having to postpone again is a special kind of heartache, and one which will only be healed when we are together again in 2022.

With this news comes two options for members of the Forest Family that currently hold Electric Forest Wristband(s) & Lodging Packages:

• Retain your Wristband(s) & Lodging Packages for Electric Forest, Summer 2022

• Submit for a refund (including fees)”

Further details are given on the website about how to obtain a refund or transferring wrist bands to next year’s event. Read more about it at: