GRANT TOWNSHIP – Audience members will soon have assistance in hearing board deliberations at meetings in the Grant Township Hall.

The township board, at its Dec. 3 meeting, voted to purchase a sound system for the meeting room.

The board approved a $830 quote for a sound system from Computer Refinery of Shelby. The quote includes equipment and installation.

Supervisor Roger Schmidt sought the quote and said the price includes a speaker stand for the audience.

Trustee Joan Brooks asked that the township look into purchasing a sound system because she has heard complaints that it is hard for audience members who sit in the back of the room to hear the board discussions. She said the Village of Rothbury has a sound system in its meeting room, and she can hear discussions.

Clerk William Wagner moved to purchase the sound system, which is powered by a rechargable battery. Schmidt said recharging the battery will have to be part of the routine for preparing for a meeting.

Schmidt said Computer Refinery owner Ted Trerice also provides internet technology services for the township.