Shelby resident Michael Termer, of 363 Orchard View Dr., was appointed to the Shelby Village Council Monday night, replacing former council member Bill Glover.

Glover recently resigned from the board when his position as both Village of Shelby Council member and Shelby Township’s deputy supervisor created incompatible offices for both entities.

Termer’s letter to council stated, “I have had the privilege of attending various board meetings (village, school, township etc.) with the intent purpose of getting involved to serve those within our community...I believe that my education along with my service background will allow me to contribute in a positive direction for our village…I am currently serving as the pastor at Newman Christian Community Church that ministers to the surrounding communities....I believe I can contribute right away on the village board as well as having the understanding and desire to learn and grow in the position….My family, wife — Nancy, and son, — Hayden, are planting our roots in this community and seek to invest accordingly. Your consideration of my request is appreciated.”

Other new business included the approval of Resolution 46-21 approving an easement for La Conasupo at 207 N. Michigan Ave. In a memo to council, Village Administrator Brady Selner stated, “The easement was originally approved in 2010 after it was discovered that a portion of their building was on village property. The purpose was to permit the identified encroachment and for the purpose of constructing an access ramp for ingress and egress to the building on village property. La Conasupo is requesting to restate the 2010 easement and expand the size of the easement to construct certain improvements within the easement area, including the replacement of the roof overhang/ramp and adding a concrete pad. The village did make two amendments to the proposed easement, adding language prohibiting parking in the easement area and removing the need for ‘mutual written agreement of all parties, including mortgagees’.

Eric P. VanDop, CPA of Brickley DeLong, P.C. presented the 2021 Fiscal Year Audit of the village. Overall, the Village of Shelby’s financial procedures and processes are well managed. According to Selner, “The Village General Fund balance increased by $49,463 with overall fund balance equaling almost one year of general fund expenditures. The local and major street funds have very healthy fund balances. The village has local street projects planned for 2022 as part of an MDOT Category B Grant where some of the local street fund balance will be spent to cover the 50 percent match. Additional road projects will also be considered for future years. The water fund is also in a healthy position. The sewer fund will require some attention over the next fiscal year to ensure our unrestricted fund balance does not continue to decline. The village will be considering refinancing our USDA sewer loan to improve the outlook for the sewer fund.”

Two findings were reported as a result of the audit. It was recommended that the general ledger balances be reconciled and adjusted to the underlying support on the village’s general ledger system at year-end. It was also recommended that the internal controls surrounding the preparation of formal year-end financial statements be improved. The two findings were also suggested in the village’s Feb. 29, 2020 audit, both of which the village agrees with and is continuing to work toward rectifying.

The village went into closed session to hear legal options for selling water and sewer outside the village limits, namely Shelby Township. No action was taken following the closed session.