SHELBY — The Household Hazardous Waste Disposal/Clean Sweep Program of the Mason, Lake and Oceana conservation districts has once again contacted local municipalities thanking them for their past support and asking for their support with funding in 2020.

The goal of the disposal program is to provide a way for residents to safely and easily dispose of hazardous materials so that they do not end up in lakes, streams, groundwater or public water supplies. According to the letter received by the village, “The Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Committee wishes to thank you for your financial support of our 2019 Collection Day. As a result over 79,000 pounds of household materials and over 8,900 pounds of pesticides were safely disposed. The cost for the one-day event was $44,000. Because the 2018 collection was also successful it drained our surplus of funds. Therefore in 2019 the HHW committee requested an increase from $0.37 to $0.40 per capita among the three counties per township resident. With increased expenses, the program faces the paradoxical position of having to limit a program because of its own success. The committee is asking for the same amount per capita ($0.40) in 2020 while it continues to look for alternative sources to help supplement funds to pay for disposal.”

The program’s 2019 result summary showed how many residents from each entity utilized the program, the amount each entity was asked to contribute per capita and what each entity actually paid to the program. In 2019, the village donated $500 with only seven households taking advantage of the collection day. In 2020, the HHW committee asked for a donation of $825.

Village President Paul Inglis said, “I am and have been a big supporter of the work the Soil Conservation District is doing with this program.”

There was some hesitation among the council when Inglis asked members how they wished to proceed. Council member Dan Zaverl moved to donate $500 to the annual collection.

“Since we only had seven households represented, I say we keep it at $500,” Zaverl said.

Because there was no support the motion failed. Council member Jim Wyns moved to pay $550 for the 2020 collection program day. Council member Steve Crothers gave support. Council members Bill Harris, John Sutton, Wyns and Crothers voted in the affirmative. Zaverl voted no. Council member Andy Near was absent.

The Clean-Sweep Collection Day will be Saturday, Aug. 15. Some items that will be accepted include pesticides, fertilizers, oils, solvents, fluorescent light bulbs, fire extinguishers, unused medications and obsolete audio-visual and computer equipment. Some items that cannot be accepted include latex paint, large appliances, medical waste and tires. A complete list can be found at