Shelby High School has decided to delay its homecoming until the winter in hopes of being able to hold a more proper celebration rather than put one together now in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Shelby principal Mark Olmstead said.

“We are hoping for a time this winter to better fully celebrate a homecoming that allows for students, alumni, and community members to attend the celebration,” Olmstead said. “There are a few districts within the West Michigan Conference that are planning the same as we are as well.”

However, the school didn’t want fall to go by without anything resembling a homecoming, so the Tigers will hold a student spirit week this week leading up to Friday’s home football game against arch rival Hart.

Each day of the week featured a different dress-up theme for Shelby students.

Monday, Oct. 12 was Thrifty Monday, where students were invited to show off their best secondhand finds from stores such as Goodwill. Tuesday was Music Genre Day, with band-themed clothes and outfits celebrating music the order of the day. Wednesday is Pajama Day, and Thursday is Formal Attire Day. Friday caps off the spirit week with different themes for each class. Seniors will celebrate Toga Day, while each of the other three classes were assigned one of the school colors. Freshmen will wear orange, sophomores will wear black, and juniors will wear purple.