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147 N. Division Ave. in Hesperia

(231) 854-2867

A Q&A with owner Jim Draper

Date opened: Spring of 2018

Hours: Monday thru Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What they offer: A little of everything. Antiques, Local made Products, Yarn, Motorcycles, Vintage Car Parts, Knives, etc.

Why did you open this type of business? It’s a fun kind of place to browse around in, and Hesperia needed something. It also gives local folks a way to sell their products without the expense of starting their own store.

How did you choose the name for your business? It’s purely descriptive. It’s in Hesperia. It’s full of Antiques and other Curiosities.

Most memorable day at your business? The day we got our first heat bill. Just kidding on that. I can’t think of a certain day, but turning a dilapidated old building into what it is today is something my family will never forget.

What is it like to serve our community in this business capacity? That depends on the day. Some days are fun, others are a struggle. I think it’s like that for every business in every community.

How has our community responded to your business? Overall, very well. The people around here seem to really appreciate the work that we have put into downtown Hesperia and the events that we have been able to put on.

How has becoming a business owner allowed you to be more involved in our community? With this business, we have gotten to know many people. We were able to put on a car show downtown on Memorial Day which was a big success with food vendors, a live band and well over 100 cars. It’s a way to get folks out and smiling.

What is your favorite thing about Oceana County? The traditional conservative rural environment. There’s good folks around here.

Future plans? God only knows.

Why is it important to shop small and local? In the times that we are living in it is becoming more obvious. We need strong local economies. We can’t remain dependent on the global supply chain that seems to be coming apart more all the time.

Final thoughts? I hope that Oceana County can hold onto its traditional values. Right now, it seems like drug money is making big advances to change things. Let’s work together to keep this a great area to raise a family.