Dear Editor:

The Pentwater school bond proposal is on the ballot this November. I write here to urge your vote in favor.

My wife and I live in Pentwater.  We have adult children who long ago completed their public school education in Grand Rapids. But we will happily pay the modest tax increase here for the sake of the Pentwater community and, indeed, for the sake of the county, state and national communities.

Michigan was a part of the Northwest Territory and was governed first by the Northwest Ordinances. The ordinances of 1785 and 1787 established public education as a primary goal of government. One stated a number of lofty purposes to be undergirded by public education, and the other devoted a truly significant portion of the public wealth to support the schools. By it,  every 16th section of every township was set aside for public education,  At a time when wealth was often best measured by property ownership, the devotion of that land to public education was an enormous commitment. It provided opportunity for a young democracy to survive and to thrive.

Let’s continue our commitment in that same way today.  Our people, all of them, are this country’s greatest resource.  Investing in the very best public schools we can afford invests well in our future.


371 4th St. Pentwater