Last week I described the four-course Chinese dinner I made for a couple of my friends just before Christmas. I gave you the recipe for my egg rolls, and promised that this week I’d share my recipe for wonton soup.

Wonton soup is extremely easy to make, and my wonton soup is even easier, because instead of making the pork mixture and filling and folding the wonton wrappers, I use ready-made frozen pork dumplings,. They’re delicious—I often just microwave them for a couple minutes and eat them for a snack with a little soy or teriyaki sauce.

Wonton soup takes all sorts of forms, from simple chicken broth and the wontons, with a little green onion, to more elaborate iterations. I’ve always enjoyed the wonton soup at the Egg Roll House in Muskegon, because it includes chicken, shrimp, mushrooms and carrots. The worst wonton soup I ever had was from a national brand. It consisted of a watery, too-salty broth and a few broken wontons swimming around in it. Yechh.

I kind of put everything but the kitchen sink in my wonton soup. It’s got the steamed dumplings, chicken, shrimp, pork, carrots, mushrooms, spinach, water chestnuts and chopped scallions, with a little soy, teriyaki and Korean barbecue sauces to kick it up. Also ginger and garlic. It’s delicious, filling, super-healthy and—yay—practically no cal. A perfect winter dish. Have some egg rolls on the side, and it makes a great light lunch. Or have it as the first course to a Chinese dinner. Next week I’ll share my recipe for one of the entrees I made for my recent Chinese dinner—Cashew Chicken.

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