Dear Editor:

A citizen letter published in the Oct. 7 OHJ characterized elements of the bond proposal as “Dream and Wish List items.”  Yup, count me as one local resident who's "dreaming and wishing" that …

… we have a safe gym so our students don’t sit inches from the competition area, or risk crashing into walls after layups; and a gym large enough to hold athletic conference events here instead of typically having to bus students to other communities, often in poor driving conditions.    

… our students who choose to play musical instruments can hear themselves in a proper acoustical setting, rather than on a gym floor with hard surfaces all around. 

…  adult area taxpayers could use an indoor walking track for exercise when walking outside is uncomfortable or dangerous.

… both students and adult taxpayers had access to a safe outdoor track and athletic field for competing and exercising.

… the school had a properly sized stage where both the school and community could hold theatrical and musical events. 

…  Pentwater had a 350-seat auditorium, just as we did when there was an opera house and two movie theaters during three periods in our history. 

… more relocating families are attracted to our school campus, rather than having misgivings because of its dated and limited academic and athletic environment.   

… enrollment was around 325 students – like it was when one bond issue critic attended Pentwater School himself some 65 years ago.


605 6th Street