Dear Editor:

In the past, Pentwater had a large brick building on Hancock Street that had a gymnasium and a performance space. For years it had little use and sat empty until it was torn down. It was built by private money. It was known as the White Elephant.

More recently, Pentwater has another large brick building on Hancock Street. That also has a gymnasium and space for performances that has not been used for many years. It, too, is now empty and waiting to be torn down. It was supported by tax dollars.

Now the Pentwater Public Schools will ask the taxpayers in November to support a 30-year bond issue that includes a stand-alone building with a 400 to 500 seat gymnasium and a 300 to 400 seat Performing Arts Center, projected to cost taxpayers over $40,000,000 pay back through additional school taxes. This does not include the additional operation and maintenance costs that will also add to their yearly budget which was $3,400,000 for 2020.

All of this for their own consultants forecast of most likely projected enrollment by 2025 of 204 students K-12. That could be a drop of 37 students in four years from their current 242 students. At the last major bond issue in 2004, the student count was 299.

Does Pentwater need another White Elephant at the taxpayers’ expense?


529 S. Clymer, Pentwater

We can’t control it

Dear Editor:

Last summer was distinguished by “uncommon heat and lack of rain. The temperature Aug. 10 was 98 degrees in the shade. The next summer was no better.” By the third summer, “the mighty Ohio River had become a mere brook, lower than ever known.”

Does the above paragraph sound familiar? It was printed in the” American Friend”,a newspaper of Marietta, Ohio referring to the years, 1820,1821,and 1822. Yes, 200 years ago! Do you think that the citizens of that time changed their lifestyle because of perceived Global Warming? I think not. The world’s climate continues to change, and man has little or nothing to do about it. If you think that changing your lifestyle as the government now suggests will result in perfect weather conditions, you are mistaken. We can’t control the energy from the sun which drives our weather changes.


513 W. Lowell St., Pentwater