She plans to vote ‘yes’

on WSESD millage

Dear Editor:

On May 4, 2021, voters will have the opportunity to continue their support of more than 1,400 students in our community who receive special education services through the West Shore Educational School District. Not a tax increase, this vote allows the renewal of a millage already operating in support of these students served in and from their home districts of Hart, Walkerville, Pentwater, Shelby, Ludington, Mason County Central, Mason County Eastern and Baldwin.

For my family, this vote is a personal one. My son, now 21, has been a WSESD student since the age of three. As a young man with autism and an intellectual disability, he’s been able to go through the educational process along with his peers, both those with and without disabilities, and experience the joys of learning, growth, and achievement. Our family has felt privileged to partner with the WSESD as they’ve helped our son grow into all he’s meant to be.

And we have been proud to participate in a school experience that is open to every student in our community.

In my work as a teacher at Hart High School, too, I’ve seen firsthand the impact of special education support for our students in the local buildings. It’s been an honor to join in an educational mission supported by the tax dollars that flow back into the local buildings in reimbursement for the costs of their special education services that values all students and believes fervently that, especially with the right support, all students can learn.

On behalf of my son and his classmates, and in the shared belief that we as a community are better when we work together to educate all of our young people, I hope you’ll consider joining me on May 4 in my “yes” vote on the WSESD special education millage renewal.


5411 S. Lakeshore Dr., Ludington

Understanding vaccines

Dear Editor:

All viruses have a genetic code. Some of that code (called messenger RNA) is taken from a virus and used in a vaccine. This mRNA is coded with a lipid (fat) to allow entry into the body’s cells. This technology has been studied for decades. The mRNA in the vaccine tells cells to make a specific part of the virus; in this case Covid’s spike protein. The immune system then produces antibodies and activates the T-cells to destroy the spike proteins. Once this is done, your cells then break down and dispose of the mRNA strand from the vaccine. If you then are exposed to the Covid virus, your immune system quickly recognizes the spike protein and your T-cells are ready to begin to destroy the virus.

mRNA does not contain a live virus. It cannot cause the disease. The mRNA does not enter the cell nucleus, so does not alter a persons cell, (DNA information).

RNA has roles in many normal cellular processes, and in disease states. Originally known as the regulator of protein synthesis, many roles of RNA continue to be found. Some of which may contribute to the prevention and treatment of disease. Clinical studies have occurred with thousands of participants with many types of viruses, such as influenza, Zika, rabies, lyme. Many studies are ongoing for cancer and hemophilia.

Because viruses change and mutate over time, there is concern about the Covid 19 virus changing into something more deadly. Currently, the variants appear mostly to effect the contagious nature of Covid. Scientists believe current vaccines will prevent all these variants.

Feeling poorly after a vaccine is a common side effect — not because you have been given the virus, but because your body is preparing your system to fight the protein that the vaccine contained. Rarely, allergic reactions can occur. These reactions usually occur within the first few minutes to hours after the inoculation. People with prior vaccine allergies, or feeling ill before going to get their shot, should consult with their doctor about participation.

Besides being a deadly disease for some people, others develop life-long side effects: myocarditis, encephalitis, myositis, emphysema. These have included people of all ages and walks of life. Lets get the vaccine and do our part.


578 E. Polk Rd. Hart

‘Are you guys ready? OK, let’s roll’

Dear Editor:

Remembering American hero Todd Beamer’s final words on United Airlines Flight #93 traveling from N.J. to San Francisco on Sept. 11, 2001 that crashed in Shanksville, Pa. is fitting today because our country is under attack on many fronts. We can’t ever forget men like Todd who took action when things went bad. It’s hard for me to wake up today and not feel like I’m on that plane in the year of 2021. Wake up fellow Americans. We are under attack on many fronts. Let’s look at them collectively.

Open borders allowing thousands of illegal immigrants into our country.

Deficit — Driving our country into bankruptcy

Abortion, the killing of babies inside the womb and out

Covid-19 pandemic introduced by communist China

Wearing down our Constitution rights and God-given freedoms

Our military and police being defunded

Threats by China, Russia, North Korea, Iran (middle east)

Tax increases (including our own local school bond proposal, which is asking for $33 million more dollars and West Shore Educational Service District in Ludington asking to levy even more millage. In 2017, they wanted $20 million and voters turned it down. Now, just four years later they increased it to $33 million. The audacity).

Cancel culture plague that ravages us daily

Higher prices across the board, food, gas, housing

Enough is enough. The time is now to wake up, speak out and take bold action.

This entire country as we’ve known it is being destroyed and denigrated from within.

Our Constitutional rights are under seize.

The silent majority cannot afford to stay silent any longer. Silence is not golden.

If you love America, now is the time to be loud and clear. Do whatever it takes; write or call your senators and legislators, write letters to the editor, support business and organizations that believe in America and share our Christian values as our founding fathers did.

Let us recall Todd Beamer’s final words on 9/11. “Are you guys ready? OK, Let’s roll.”


7900 W. Baker Rd., Shelby

No… No… No…

Dear Editor:

We have a full-blown pandemic, people have lost jobs and businesses. The Dems want to add trillions to the national debt, have open borders for illegals, defund the police and go to a communist government. Plus prices are skyrocketing by the day, the government is unstable. Unsure times ahead! Maybe that’s why the bond and millage issues are being pushed before the bottom falls out.


7900 W. Baker Rd., Shelby