Supports the Democratic Party

Dear Editor:

Mary Beth Crain’s article, “In Oceana County, your vote is safe – and here’s why,” was as timely and important as it was comforting. The freedoms that Americans hold up to the world as exemplary of our country’s greatness all rest on the foundation of the most important right an American possesses — the right to vote. Currently, record numbers of our citizens are exercising that right to vote in one of the most important presidential elections in our history. It was reassuring to hear from local poll workers as to how hard they work to maintain the sanctity of this process.

While suppressing the vote has been practiced by political parties throughout our history, please keep in mind that only one national party – and in particular, its leader — is actively trying to suppress your sacred right to vote by casting doubt on the process and suggesting that the outcome may be tainted in some way.

In Michigan, Republicans continue to fight against the successful Voters Not Politicians proposal fully knowing that continued gerrymandering will disenfranchise the vote of vast swathes of our citizenry. In Texas, Republicans unsuccessfully sought to drastically limit drop-off sites for ballots. Georgia’s primary election this past summer was called a “complete meltdown,” with some voters standing in line for more than four hours and insufficient numbers of back up paper ballots. What party is opposing reforms that would correct this horrific situation in Georgia? You guessed it, the Republican Party.

So, whether you are voting absentee, or entering your polling place in November to vote in person, remember that there is only one party currently trying to suppress your right to do so, to make your vote count less, and that is the Republican Party. They are doing this not in the smoke-filled back rooms of yore, but on the national stage for all to witness. In the words of a recent political ad from The Lincoln Project, “Learn their names, remember their actions, and never, ever trust them again.”

In this most important of elections I urge you to protect your right to vote by voting for every Democratic Party candidate on the ballot.


365 N. Apricot Lane, Shelby