Wake Up America!

Wake up America! This is not a reality TV show. Covid numbers are approaching 200,000 with predictions of 400,000-plus by Jan. 1.

President Trump failed us. He was warned by our intelligence service this was a major crisis. Trump stated in recordings to Bob Woodward he knew in early February that the virus was dangerous and deadly and had air borne transmission. But he lied to us, played it down, called it a “hoax,” said it would simply disappear, promoted fake cures and treatments. Health experts calculate these lies cost us 50,000 to 100,000-plus unnecessary deaths.

Wake up America!

Tens of millions unemployed, millions facing evictions or foreclosures very soon. Postal Service, being run by a large campaign donor, is being dismantled during a pandemic making it harder to vote. Our trade deficit has tripled since 2016. Our economy is in a recession and on the verge of a depression.

Continues to try and kill the Affordable Care Act but has no plan to replace it.

Trade deficit with China bigger than in 2016 and US consumers paid billions in tariffs. Continues to divide our country rather than unite us.

Trump, 3rd US president to be impeached, Republican Senate decided on zero witnesses. Not much of a trial. Constantly acts like a bully, calling people childish names. He has weakened the relationships with our allies and NATO, making Putin happy.

US intelligence reported Russia paid bounties on our troops, Trump silent. Department of Homeland Security reports Russia aggressively trying to interfere in our elections again. Trump silent, tries to suppress it.

North Korea- no deal, but we almost had a nuclear war.

Iran- no deal, but they are back to enriching uranium.

Border wall, replaced some that was in need but Mexico paid zero. Increased our deficit by giving huge tax breaks to rich and corporations.

Disrespectful to our troops, refused to honor WWI heroes in France because rain would mess his hair.

Called fallen heroes “losers” and “suckers”, verified by multiple news sources, including Fox.

Climate change- no progress.

Numerous well respected generals ( McMasters, Kelly, Mattis) and officials have resigned over the poor choices he makes.

Two hundred ninety one golf trips, $150,000,000.

Tear gassed peaceful protesters for a photo op.

Lies constantly. And so much more.

Can America survive four more years?

Wake up America! It is time! Vote!


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