The MHSAA announced Monday afternoon that spring sports activity in Michigan will be delayed by one week. First practices will be held Monday, March 22, with competition to begin Friday, March 26. Spring tournament dates will not be affected.

The delay is not directly related to COVID-19, but is an accommodation to the delayed winter sports season. Winter sports tournaments were delayed earlier this year as a response to the statewide pause on activity, and several winter sports will still be in progress when spring sports practices begin.

The organization said feedback from its member schools was a leading factor in the decision; it reported that in a recent survey, 74 percent of schools favored at least some delay to the spring sports season.

Spring sports teams are currently permitted to participate in various forms of out-of-season training; the MHSAA eliminated the usual restrictions on such off-season activity due to the lost time all sports teams already dealt with due to COVID-19 precautions over the past 11-plus months.