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Andy Roberts • Oceana’s Herald-Journal file photo

Shelby football players participate in a practice last August. Shelby and Hart each released plans for summer athletic workouts this week, with precautions designed to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Shelby and Hart high schools each announced their plans to resume sports activity Monday on their respective websites.

The plans are in response to the MHSAA’s moving all schools to step two of its three-step plan to resume high school sports, which itself was a response to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer advancing the entire state earlier this month to phase four of the six-phase MI Safe Start plan regarding COVID-19.

Shelby announced in its release that sports activity would resume Wednesday, June 17. Hart did not specify a date for return, but said each individual coach would be devising summer plans and getting in touch with their respective athletes.

In step two of the MHSAA’s three-step plan, outdoor activities can take place with up to 100 people present as long as six feet of social distancing is maintained. Other precautions include pre-workout screenings and mandating that anyone showing possible symptoms of COVID-19 stay home.

Shelby’s plan, which is largely identical to a plan released by Montague and likely similar to plans to be followed by other local districts, calls for parents who drive their children to an outdoor workout to remain on the premises until the pre-workout screening is completed, to ensure their child has a ride home if they do not clear the screening. Screenings include asking the student if they have any of several symptoms, as well as a temperature check. If a student does not clear a screening, they may not be permitted to join a workout until examined and cleared by a doctor. Students are also asked not to come to workouts if they know they have recently been exposed to COVID-19 regardless of whether they are displaying symptoms.

The wearing of masks is always permitted and may be required depending on the workout. Shelby’s plan says athletes will be made aware in advance if a mask will be required. Coaches will wear masks if they need to be within six feet of any athlete.

Also as part of both schools’ plans, all equipment used will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after use, and all athletes must bring their own water bottle. Restrooms will be available on-site, but locker rooms will not be. Athletes should come to a workout site already in their athletic wear, and that clothing should be washed as soon as possible after the workout to avoid contamination.