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Shoreline Shopper Classifieds

  • Classified Advertising
  • Finish

Business ads - $10 week - 20 Words, $.10 per extra word

Private Party ads - $8 week - 15 Words, $.10 per extra word

Auto/Boat/Real Estate - $30/4 weeks - 20 Words, $.10 per extra word

Garage Sales $6 week - 15 Words, $.10 per extra word

Free Lost & Found party ads are printed once if space is available and are limited to 15 words. 

1/2 Half off on 2nd to run 2 consecutive weeks with no changes 2nd week (non-refundable)

BOLD or ITALIC face type add $1.50 each

BORDER around your ad is $4.00

The Buyers' Guide reserves the right to reject any advertising on the basis of content.

Payment will be collected after the ad is reviewed.

  • Classifieds Deadline Tuesday 4 PM


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