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Matt Williams

WHITEHALL – Matt Williams has quickly risen to the top of the Country Radio Charts with his hit single, Rain Down Sunshine, but before he began playing music full time, he was a soldier in the US Army.

Williams will be performing at concert at The Playhouse at White Lake on Saturday, November 2, as part of the Montague-Whitehall Rotary Club’s fundraiser, The Night on the Town.

The concert is open to the public and begins at 8 p.m. Proceeds will support the Rotary club’s community and youth programs.

Tickets for the concert only are $25 and are available online at www.theplayhouseatwhitelake.org or by calling 231-894-4048.

Williams, an Alabama native and now Grand Haven resident, served eight years in Iraq/Afghanistan as a Staff Sergeant. He was wounded by an IED and lost two of his best friends in the attack. Returning home from his third deployment in 2010, Williams discovered another battle waiting for him at home: PTSD and depression.

Bestowed with a Purple Heart, he returned to the States only to lose his father three weeks later. Williams desperately sought an outlet where he could direct his emotion, and he turned back to his roots: music.

Matt’s love of music stretches back as far as he can remember. His mother bought him a drum set at 18 months and he never looked back, learning piano by ear, singing in the choir at church, even becoming one of the top marching snare drummers in the country while in high school. Matt found a solace in music that he couldn’t find elsewhere, and it became the perfect emotional outlet.

“I began writing the story of my life in the form of songs that I hope other people can relate to in many different ways,” Williams said. “I want to tell the world about my life to show that I’m not ashamed of who I am and that no one is perfect. Music, along with God, really can save the soul, and it can influence and impact people in ways that they cannot do for themselves. Music saved my life in more ways than one and I believe that it can help others as well.”

Joining Williams on drums is Whitehall native Isaac Love, a 2013 graduate of Whitehall High School.