On August 17, long-time Stony Lake summer resident and professional journalist Bill Blakemore -- whose family roots here go back to the 1930s -- will present a public program, with open discussion, on “Global Warming and Conceivable Hope: a View First Generated on Lower Stony Creek.” Bill’s program also will address the many psychological aspects of the climate crisis.

Bill and his sister Jory were brought by their parents as infants to the American Youth Foundation's Miniwanca Creekview Cottage across from Benona Lodge. Their father came to Miniwanca in the 1930s on a church youth scholarship. Their earliest friends were neighbor kids Bruce, Barbie and Ann Fox -- whose parents Roy and Ruth Fox also kept a loving protective eye on the five of them as they explored the wooded sand dunes and surrounding orchard country. Bill writes that his worldview, deepest values, and insights as a journalist were essentially formed here -- and still are.

Veteran foreign and domestic correspondent Bill Blakemore joined ABC News in 1970 in the Mideast and India. He has covered a dozen wars or major conflicts including the Black September, Bangladesh, Intifadas, 1973 Arab-Israeli, Cyprus, Iranian and Beirut Civil Wars, and more recently the 1991 and 2003 Iraq wars (both from Baghdad) and the ongoing Afghan/Taliban war. On 9/11 he reached Ground Zero before the towers fell. He was ABC's Rome Bureau Chief 1978-1984, traveled extensively with John Paul II and wrote several documentaries and the ongoing Encyclopedia Britannica articles about him. Since 1984, he's been based in New York, where he also served as ABC's Education Correspondent and reported on the arts and science. He began focusing on extinction and global warming in 2004, and hosts ABC's Nature's Edge. He has won most major broadcast journalism awards, some a number of times. He also writes and lectures on the journalistic profession, “The Many Psychologies of Global Warming,” and the cinematic art of Stanley Kubrick.

Programs in the Stony Lake Summer Series begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Four Seasons Lodge at Camp Miniwanca on Stony Lake, ten miles west of New Era. Admission is free and the public is welcome. For more information,