The Ballad of Uncle Morgan

Zena, a year-old min-pin, was an adventurous dog Debra S. Carlisle Smith brought home just after her husband Dixon had a stem-cell transplant.They loved adventurous walks near the Muskegon river and decided to take Zena with them. Unexpectedly, Zena ran ahead, spooked sleeping deer and followed them deep into the woods.

“The thought of never seeing Zena again was so emotionally distressing.”, says Deb. “That traumatic event inspired me to write an adventure, “The Ballad of Uncle Morgan””.

Debra S. Carlisle Smith is a field trip queen who loves to write funny stories. Deb belonged to the White Lake, Michigan Toastmasters Club for eight years. She discovered she loved writing about true experiences and weaving them into humorous stories. In 2000, she was awarded “Toastmaster of the Year”. Deb lives in West Michigan with husband, Dixon and dogs, Zena & Joey. She enjoys playing the piano, spoiling her dogs and reading a good book. Deb works part time as a transportation coordinator.

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