The mention of Croatia brings up images of pristine landscapes, sparkling seas, and fortified hilltop towns.

For years it was the playground of Europe’s crowned heads; and many of Europe’s greatest empires including Romans, Venetians, and Habsburgs have all left their calling cards in terms of architecture, churches and castles.

Additionally, these influences extended to northeast Italy and Slovenia--often compared to Switzerland (without the yodeling.) The beauties of Dubrovnik (“The pearl of the Adriatic”), Split, Ljubliana, Zadar and Zagreb, the Istrian peninsula, and Trieste, Italy are turning this multi-cultural area into an increasing popular attraction (often without the crowds found in other parts of Europe.)

This informative and entertaining travelogue at Trinity Lutheran Church will be led by Steve Samuelson on Wednesday evening, August 21, at 7:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall on the south side of the building. Steve, besides being a world-traveler, is a retired Lutheran pastor who has been coming to Oceana County since his youth and currently lives at Little Point Sable.

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