Bridge graffiti


The graffiti markings on the bridge can be seen above. It is unclear what language the tag is in, but when translated to Spanish, it reads: “there are six” repeatedly.

On the night of Christmas Eve, an act of vandalism took place on the Montague-Whitehall bridge. Questions arose online if the bridge has cameras nearby that may have picked up an image of who is responsible.

Along the cement siding on the left of the bridge heading toward Montague, a spray paint “tag” was added overnight.

It is unclear what the tag says: whether it is symbols, a different language, or anything else.

Tagging is the repeated use of a graffiti spray-paint symbol which is used to mark territory, or it can also be used in artistic graffiti to credit the artist. In this case, the graffiti is an act of vandalism and not art.

One local posted online about the incident: “How disrespectful! I’m at a loss of words! Who on earth could do something like this to our town?”

CatchMark Technologies installed a causeway camera of the bridge in 2019 after they were approached by the White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce with concerns of flooding and road closures. The camera’s purpose was to allow residents to see if the bridge was closed or not. There is a live feed of this camera, but it doesn’t reach the actual site of the graffiti.

There is a chance that the incident took place during a time when it was too dark for a possible camera to pick up an image of the tagger, and what’s more is that there were several hours during Christmas Eve night that the City of Montague was without power. It is currently unclear if the CatchMark camera picked up any evidence at this time.

The White Lake Beacon has reached out to the Montague Police Department, but received no comment before press time. The Beacon will continue to follow this story as more information is received.

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