WHITEHALL – A Montague native and her husband have moved back to West Michigan, and are stepping into a new venture as entrepreneurs.

Chris and Julie Witt are excited for their family run food truck to be serving the people of Whitehall. Their food truck, Witty’s, serves Chicago style food five days a week.

Witty’s is bright red food truck that is hard to miss, and you won’t want to. Loaded down Chicago Style hot dogs and Italian beef are specialties of Witty’s, but they offer so much more.

The menu also includes Italian sausages, bratwurst, chicken tenders, and a slew of side dishes. Once you have satisfied your cravings, they have slushees and other cold beverages on hand to wash it all down.

Witty’s food truck is a family affair. Both Chris and Julie Witt have a passion for the restaurant industry. With over 35 years of restaurant experience shared between Julie and Chris, they are excited to pass on that knowledge to their children and grandchildren.

The Witts have five children, and several grandchildren.

“My grandson is even learning how to cook, and it’s been a great experience,” says Chris Witt with pride. Aside from passing their knowledge down to the following generations of their family, they want to add value to the Whitehall area.

After years of traveling back to the Whitehall/Montague area to spend summers at their summer home, Chris and Julie moved back permanently two years ago. They love the area and want to provide the community with one more great food option.

“We are just trying to do something different, and bring a little different flavor to the town,” says Chris Witt.

Witty’s has been busier than expected, and they have been grateful for all of the return customers they have seen. The truck plans to stay open as long as possible, and even anticipates staying open into the early Winter months. In the Fall, Witty’s plans to adjust their menu slightly, and add a thin crust Chicago Style pizza to their available food options.

The food truck is parked on the north side of East Colby Street, just East of Covell Street. You can find the truck there Tuesday through Saturday. Next to the food truck, Witty’s has picnic tables set up with beautiful red umbrellas to provide shade to their patrons. Witty’s also offers catering to those who just can’t get enough. They hope to get their social media up and running soon to connect with their customers, and encourage customers to call (815)904-4257 with any requests or questions.