MONTAGUE – The City of Montague’s Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Muskegon County Road Commission were hard at work last week filling and placing large sacks of sand along the causeway.

These sacks of sand known as “super sacks” will help to serve as a barrier between White Lake and the section of Business Route US-31 most vulnerable to flooding. They replace the previous coffer dams that had been in place.

The previous barrier was filled with water instead of sand, and would be at risk of freezing during cold weather.

“The causeway project — MDOT (Michigan Department of Transportation) contacted our staff to see if we could assist in the installation of the super sacks along the corridor,” said Montague City Manager Jeff Auch.

The DPW is responsible for the work being done on the Montague side of the road, with the road commission doing work on the City of Whitehall’s portion of the road.

Auch said the super sacks are being filled with sand on site, the belief being this will help to minimize the gaps between each sack. This should help reduce the amount of water that overflows into the road.

The City of Montague is keeping track of costs, and will be reimbursed by MDOT at a later date.