By Natalie Holmstrom/ Beacon Contributor

The construction site for the new WaterDog Outfitters.

WHITEHALL- Construction has begun for the new location of WaterDog Outfitters, which is currently on Dowling Street, Montague. The construction began this week at the corner of Hanson Street and Dowling.

For the past few summers, the rising water levels from White Lake have affected this business, where the parking lot has flooded. According to Steven Crooks, the owner of WaterDog, this isn’t the only reason for the move. The current building WaterDog resides in is under a lease, and Crooks is ready for something more permanent.

Last summer, the land was purchased, but the COVID-19 pandemic has put some of the development on hold. The plan is for the project to finish in June, although according to Crooks, there is currently problems with the land that may put off the completion until September.

The new building is expected to be 7,000 square feet, which means the retail area will be bigger than the current location. They plan to increase the inventory when they open the new building. “We have more product lines coming in already,” said Crooks.

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