Whitehall Police

February 4

• An officer patrolling in the 900 block of S. Mears Ave, observed a vehicle driving with dim or no operating taillights at 8:24 p.m. The officer turned off the headlights on the patrol car to determine if the taillights were unoperable. The officer stopped the vehicle and upon contact determinded the driver had a suspended drivers license. He was charged with Driving While License Suspended-1st Offense. The driver wsa released from the scene after a person with a valid drivers license came and picked up the vehicle.

• At 2 p.m., an officer was called to a business located in the 300 block of E. Colby Street. A suspicious situation was reported at 2 pm. the previous day. A man identified himself as an Amazon representative was taking photos of the business. The man said he was taking pictures to help Amazon drivers locate the business for deliveries. Police contacted Amazon which reported that there were no company representatives taking photos in the Whitehall and Montague area. The man was described as a white male in his 50s, smaller in height and stocky. No vehicle was described.

February 3

• At 5:20 p.m., threast complaints were sent to a minor child through a chat room while playing Fortnite video game. Officers talked to both parties who were Whitehall students and no material threats were made.

January 30

• At 11:45 p.m., officers were dispatched to the 1000 block of E. Colby Street where there was a loud noise, possibly from shots or a bomb. Officers arrived at the scene to find intoxicated persons. The noise was determined to be a door to an apartment slammed. One intoxicated person was helping another intoxicated person from a bath tub into bed, according to police. There was no medical issues or injuries. Officers advised the parties to be quiet, and there were no more calls to police.

• At 9:15 p.m., in the 800 block of Warner Street, officers were observing a residence in an area where a parole absconder may have been located. Police saw a vehicle matching a vehicle owned by the absconder. Officers stopped the vehicle on White Lake Driver near Whitehall Road. The parole absconder was found to be a passenger in the vehicle. The 34-year-old Dalton Township man was arrested as parole absconder and lodged in the Muskegon County jail. Officers discovered drug paraphernalia in the vehicle, including a pipe used for smoking crack cocaine or methamphetamine and syringes. The 29-year-old Whitehall woman who was the driver was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Muskegon County

Sheriff’s Office

February 3

• At 5:42 p.m., an incident of Operating While Under of the Influence of Liquor or Drugs occurred on Blue Lake Road at White Lake Drive, Dalton Township.

• At 6:07 p.m., a car-deer crash occurred on northbound US-31 at Fruitvale Road entrance ramp, Montague Township.

• 6:05 a.m., a traffic crash occurred on Sweeter Road at Austin Road, Cedar Creek Township.

February 2

• At 10:22 a.m., a nonaggravated assault was reported in the 900 block of Owasippe Road, Blue Lake Township.

Muskegon Twp.

Police Dept.

January 29

• At 7:51 p.m., a nonaggravated assault was reported in the 1700 block of N. Roberts Road.